Developer Services

Local beach

Local Beach is a development environment, created by the team at Flownative. Under the hood, it's using Docker and the official Beach Docker images (Nginx, PHP, Redis and Elasticsearch).


To test frontend code, the team at created FusionPen, which works similar to jsFiddle and CodePen, which make testing code snippets and sharing examples easy as pie.

You define your Fusion prototypes in FusionPen. The first found prototype is used for rendering - so this way, you can name the prototypes any way you like. By clicking "share your code", the code is saved in the database and a unique link to the current code state is generated. Changing the code generates new links - this way, you can save different versions.

AFX Converter

To understand better how AFX works, Marc Henry Schulz built an online AFX to Fusion converter, that shows the transpiled fusion of an AFX snippet. This is helpful to diagnose AFX problems.